Israeli Strikes More than 40 Hezbollah Sites, Defense Minister Claims South Lebanon Command is Decimated After Half of Hezbollah’s Commanders Killed

Israel’s Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant. Photo: Reproduction/X/yoavgallant

On Wednesday, Israel Defense Forces carried out a large wave of strikes against 40+ sites belonging to the terror group.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant claimed that the military has killed half of Hezbollah’s commanders in southern Lebanon.

“The other half are hiding or abandoning southern Lebanon,” said Yoav Gallant.

He said there would be further action in the months to come: “The coming period will be decisive” as Israel is facing “a number of alternatives” to bring security to the north.

The Times of Israel reports:

“Half of the Hezbollah commanders in south Lebanon have been eliminated… and the other half hide and abandon south Lebanon to IDF operations,” Gallant said, after holding an assessment at the Northern Command headquarters in Safed with the chief of the command, Maj. Gen. Ori Gordin, and other top officers.

He said Israel’s main goal in the north was to return tens of thousands of Israelis displaced by Hezbollah’s daily attacks to their homes.

“We are dealing with a number of alternatives in order to establish this matter, and the coming period will be decisive in this regard,” Gallant said.

As the defense minister toured the Northern Command, the IDF said some 40 Hezbollah targets in the town of Ayta ash-Shab were hit within just several minutes by fighter jets and artillery shelling.

The strikes followed the terror group firing anti-tank missiles at northern Israel.

Lebanese journalist Ibrahim Rihan told the Al-Haddad channel,  “The situation in southern Lebanon is embarrassing Hezbollah, given the depth of the IDF’s attacks”

“We see that in every attack, the Israeli army eliminates senior members of Hezbollah or operatives in the organization. And Hezbollah’s response is to shoot at Kiryat Shmona or outposts in the Golan at a limited depth of up to ten kilometers.”

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