Italian PM Meloni Will Run in June European Elections, Wants To ‘Bring Together the Centre-Right Forces and Send the Left Into Opposition’

As the June European Elections approach, all countries see a flurry of maneuvering by the political forces in order to get the best possible outcome.

In Italy, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has officially joined as a candidate, announcing it on the stage of the programmatic conference of her ‘Brothers of Italy’ party.

Meloni will run in the European elections to boost support for her party, but she will not take up a seat if elected.

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The June 6-9 European Parliament vote is seen as a key test of strength for her conservative coalition.

Reuters reported:

“‘We want to do in Europe what we did in Italy… create a majority that brings together the centre-right forces and send the left into opposition’, Meloni told cheering party faithful at a party conference in the coastal city of Pescara to set out EU policies and launch the campaign.”

While Meloni called for Italy to leave the eurozone when she was in opposition, she has followed a pro-European line in office, particularly on foreign policy matters such as Ukraine and the Middle East.

“Her party is Italy’s most popular with 27% of support, according to recent polls, ahead of the opposition Democratic Party (PD) on around 20% and the left-leaning 5-Star Movement on 16%.

Meloni will be the first name on the ballot for Brothers of Italy in all five of Italy’s constituencies for the EU election, but pledged she would not use ‘a single minute’ of her time as prime minister to campaign.”

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Euronews reported:

“On stage, Meloni recalled the previous European electoral challenges, of 2014 when the party did not reach the quorum of 4 percent and those of 2019 when it reached 6.5 percent. ‘In six years we have increased by two percent, in the last three we have reached 26.5 percent’, said Meloni. ‘I don’t remember this story as a rhetorical exercise of self-satisfaction and self-celebration, I say it to remind myself and all of us that what we have earned is not something we have acquired forever, we must continue to deserve it’. added Meloni.”

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Meloni claims to have put Italy at the centre of Europe and international politics, and credited herself for the agreements with Tunisia and Egypt for the management of migrants.

“There was no shortage of criticism of the European Green Deal and the ‘bureaucrats locked in a glass palace’. Meloni claimed the obligation to advance the energy class to be achieved in a few years and on electric cars he reiterated that Europe must stop, ‘it must leave it up to research, the market and companies to develop the cleanest technologies and the Member States, also based on their social model, to decide how to achieve those objectives’, said Meloni and added: ‘Because while we save the environment, we also want to save the thousands of businesses and the thousands of jobs’.”

Her ‘Brothers of Italy’ party elected six deputies in the last European Parliament, but according to the recent Ipsos poll, could obtain up to 24 seats in the next elections.

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