‘It’s a Nightmare’ – Biden Roasted For Celebrating Three Years with His “Dream Team” – Which Includes Kamala Harris, Dr. Jill and Doug Emhoff

Joe Biden on Saturday took to X to brag about three years with his “dream team.”

Biden’s ‘dream team’ includes “Doctor” Jill, Kamala Harris, and “Second Gentleman” Doug Emhoff.

Biden’s post drew a lot of criticism considering his poll numbers reveal his job approval rating is at historic lows.

A new left-leaning ABC News poll reveals 72% of Americans don’t believe Joe Biden has the mental sharpness to serve effectively as president.

X users blasted Biden saying that the last three years have been a destroyed border and economy.

Despite Biden having his “dream team,” his approval rating is very low, Fox News reported.

Biden’s border crisis and high inflation have contributed to his low approval ratings. TGP reported in October of 2023, an estimated 11 million illegals have crossed the border since the “dream team” was assembled. That number is rapidly growing each day.

Under Biden, inflation is out of control. TGP reported last summer that under Bidenomics, Americans are suffering from inflation, and high gas prices.

With all these problems that Americans are facing, Biden’s “dream team,” is a national nightmare.

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