J6 Political Hostage Jeff Sabol Asks Readers to Review Video of His Actions and Decide If He Deserves 5 Years in Prison – Faces $32,000 in Fines – Please Help This Dad Below!

Jeffery Sabol

Guest post by Jenn Baker

The egregious overcharging and sentencing of January 6th Political Hostages continues to happen daily, over three years later.

53-year-old Jeffery Sabol has spent 3+ years locked up for that day. He was sentenced at the end of March to 63 months (about 5 and 1/4 years), 3 years probation, and over $32,000 in fines and restitution. Sabol, a Geophysicist, is from Colorado. He is a devoted father, son, and partner to his beautiful fiancé.

Sabol has been a friend to many, and probably the most liked and respected guy in the DC Gulag. He has always provided hope, great “Dad” jokes, and advice to those detained in the Gulag as well as to the thousands that tune into the Freedom Corner Vigil. For over 620 nights, www.4Ashli.com has held a vigil outside the DC Gulag. The Hostages get to call in and talk to the world via livestream. Every night over the last year, Jeff would be the last phone call of the night and conduct the “J6 choir” in the National Anthem and then wrap up the call with news of the day.

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For more on the vigil: Let J6 Political Prisoners Know They Are Not Alone: Please Help Support the Weekly Livestream of the J6 Political Prisoner Vigil Outside the DC Gulag

Sabol has asked that the readers of the Gateway Pundit see the allocution he provided to his judge, U.S. District Judge, Rudolph Contreras. He has also provided two video exhibits that he’d like you to see as well. While you read and watch all of this, Jeff is enduring a dose of “Diesel Therapy” provided by the Bureau of Prisons and the US Marshals. He has recently been removed from the DC Gulag after 3+ years, and he, along with his family and friends, will know where he’s going when he gets there. For now, he remains strong and has faith that all of this will turn around in the not-too-distant future.

This written allocution is from Jeffrey Sabol and contains the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, so help me, God.

Your Honor, Thank You for accepting my written allocution. This allocution contains 8

Point 1: I take Full Responsibility for my actions.

Point 2: Please allow me to set the record straight in regard to two items that were
discussed by my previous lawyer during my initial bond hearing that was approximately
three years ago. *

A) I do not recall telling my previous lawyer that I thought that the 2020 election was not

B) It is true that my vocation was to use geophysics to locate buried unexploded ordnance (UXO). It is also true that (at times) I have excavated UXO; however, my previous lawyer misspoke when he said that I disarm/diffuse them. This I do not do.

Point 3: Please forgive my indulgence in defining two terms before moving forward. *

Allocution is defined as, “In a criminal procedure, allocution usually refers to the statement of a defendant, made following conviction, and is made prior to sentence. It is the defendant’s opportunity to offer mitigating argument.” * Mitigation is defined as “to make less severe”.

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Point 4: Below is an excerpt from Mr. Tucker Carlson’s interview of Congressman Clay
Higgins that was conducted on January 6, 2024.

Mr. Higgins: “I’m following the evidence and to my end it implicates our FBI, the highest level, and a conspiracy within our government at the highest level to create, to set the stage, for a compromised election cycle in 2020 and then the actions that took place on January 4, 5, 6; and then the criminal investigation, arrest, and prosecution, of Americans that they were able to entrap and document with the thousands of cameras that were operating that day. They used that evidence that they knew they were setting up to investigate, arrest, and prosecute the Americans that they had entrapped.”

* Please note that the text above is from a United States Congressman. I humbly offer this quote as a mitigating argument to support the claim that nefarious elements of a potential Federal nature may have been involved that then had an impact on my actions on January 6. On January 6 I initially followed those that instigated, agitated, and motivated the crowd and as such I became engaged in the situation. I was wrong to follow and to get engaged. For that I apologize.

Point 5: The 1512 charge is titled: Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant.

Section c2 of this charge is defined as relating to whoever corruptly obstructs,
influences, or impedes any official proceeding or attempts to do so. * per U.S. v Throckmorton (98 U.S. 61 25 L. Ed. 93 – 1878), “There is no question of the general doctrine that fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgements.”

Additionally, Gorman v Johnson (46 Ind App. 672, 91 N.E. 971 (Ind App. 1910)), “It is elemental that fraud vitiates all that it touches…” [Vitiates is defined as: legally ineffective; to invalidate] Exhibits 1 and 2 contain evidence that supports that the 2020 election was rife with fraud. I readily admit that this evidence is currently unsubstantiated in a court of law. My mitigating argument for the 1512 c2 charge is that although I am guilty of disrupting an official proceeding; per Exhibits 1 and 2 (and the case law provided above), there is mounting evidence that this was not a valid official proceeding. *

Note that Exhibit F is 281 pages in length and is titled: “The Fingerprints of Fraud”. This document can be found at http://fingerprintsoffraud.com. *

Note that Exhibit G is 32 pages in length and is Titled “Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020
Presidential Election in the Swing States.”

** Please help Jeff Sabol here.

Point 6: In regards to the 2111 charge of robbery in which I was guilty of robbing Officer AW of his baton, Exhibit H (long video) shows that there were multiple bodies on the ground in front of officer AW. My mitigating argument for this charge is that upon seeing bodies on the ground my reflex was to remove the object that I believed was the cause.

Please note that I show no intent to engage with officer AW after the baton is removed. *

Point 7: In regards to the 111B charge in which I was found guilty of assault with a dangerous or deadly weapon on Officer BM, my mitigating arguments are (per Exhibit H):

A) My intent was to help someone pull a body away from the chaos that existed at the tunnel entrance.

B) From my initial angle there is no way that I could know that this was an officer until he was already moving down the stairs.

C) The video shows that I exhibit no malice towards officer BM once he is at the bottom of the stairs.

Please note that I immediately then go to my left to help someone who is unconscious. In the span
of approximately 20 seconds, my mindset was: remove baton, assist with moving person from tunnel entrance, help unconscious person.

Point 8: Please note that the intent of this allocution is not to negate my guilt, nor to
negate any acceptance of responsibility. Per the definition of an allocution, the intent of
this written allocution (and Exhibits) is to solely offer mitigating arguments.

Thank You Your Honor.
Very Respectfully,
Jeffrey Sabol

What you just read was my written allocution that my lawyer submitted to my judge (along with 2 videos) just prior to my sentencing. On March 21, I was sentenced to 63 months for robbing an officer of a baton, assaulting an officer with a dangerous and deadly weapon; and disruption of an official proceeding.

Please watch the 2 videos and you decide if my actions warrant a 5 ¼ year sentence.

Video #1 (10 min)

Video #2 (1 min)

On a different but related topic, I need your help.

Prior to my incarceration, I prided myself on never missing an alimony or child support payment. My alimony payment ended 7 years ago, but my child support payments continued (even though I had 50% custody).

During the past 38 months that I have already been incarcerated (While I awaited sentencing), I have paid a total of $19,000 in child support, all of which came from my GiveSendGo account.

To be blunt, I will not be able to continue to pay child support unless I have your help. I am not asking for a handout; I am asking for your help in supporting my daughter when I can’t.

Please help Jeff here.

Thank you.
God Bless You –and- God Bless America
Jeffrey Sabol

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