J6 Political Prisoner Frank Rocco Giustino Spends 3 Months in Prison for “Insulting” Dishonest DOJ Prosecutor – Was Filmed Pleading with Police to Stop Shooting at Protesters on J6! – PLEASE HELP FRANK RELAUNCH HIS NEW LIFE

Frank Rocco Giustino

In February 2023,  J6 political prisoner Frank Rocco Giustino pled guilty to parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building, a misdemeanor.

Frank was sentenced to three months in prison for walking inside the US Capitol and then confronting a lying DOJ prosecutor during his DC showtrial.

On Monday, Frank was released and returned to Florida to restart his new life.

Frank Rocco Giustino is embraced by his mother after he was released on Monday.

Frank shared a letter with The Gateway Pundit.

J6 CASE # 23-cr-16 (US District Court)
Awaiting SCOTUS CASE # for submitted Habeus Corpus on 12/11/23.

I attended J6, 2021, due to the outrageous behavior our society was exhibiting in response to the March 13th, 2020 (my birthday!) COVID lockdown in the U.S. and the very clear partial treatment those of us who were open to critiquing it were receiving by our so-called government and civil workers during that time.

Coming from a medical practitioner family and being a health practitioner myself, I was appalled by the lack of sensibility by so-called ‘friends’ and medical ‘experts’ alike, as our society as a whole quickly spiraled into the ‘C-word’ as businesses closed and our communities burned to the ground: through either intentional or unintentional communism that our friends and neighbors were practicing without enough question or hesitation. I came into 2020 with new boundaries from the previous year, which certainly prepared me for the worst in social acceptance trials that the year had to offer, and I certainly did not expect to become an avid Trump supporter by the end of it – after never having a political affiliation before, prior.

***Please help Frank restart his life here.***

A seemingly tame FBI arrest on a complaint in 2022 that went uncharged for over one year being part of a ‘bottom of the barrel’ J6 misdemeanor case quickly descended into something else entirely when I decided to take an alternative approach through my own independent research, only being able to afford a Court-appointed public defender: a thorough request and inquiry into the documented and signed Oaths of Office of United States District Court judges presiding over these January 6th, 2021 cases such as my own.

Despite both the public defender and DoJ prosecutor telling me early on during plea bargain negotiations that signed Oaths of Office did not exist, I quickly proved that was not true and discovered even further that not only was this a lie but also a potential cover-up for something greater: the written Oaths of Office for multiple D.C. “judges” (including outside of D.C.!) are not in accordance with the judicial oath statute (28 U.S.C. section 453) as prescribed by Congress: void ab initio.

The “judges,” including both the former and current “Chief Judges” HOWELL and BOASBERG, overlooking all J6 Cases and then some, are only pretending to be legal, lawful judicial officers, whether they know it or not! Even the US prosecution through GARLAND is proven on court record to have defective written oaths!

Once I’ve acquired pro se status (later representing myself at Sentencing), to say the D.C. federal “Court” and prosecution treated me unfairly for rightfully addressing their judicial “authority” is an understatement.

Immediately, the prosecutor tried publicly framing me as an agitator, specifically excluding exculpatory evidence of me trying to subdue the conflict – peacefully, within a specific scene up in the front of the crowd. That instance of attempted public character assassination after initially it being heavily hinted that I would receive likely zero jail-time during plea bargain negotiations, is one of the few ways these judicial actors tried impacting my case and its outcome. This is typical of any J6 case, in of the many ways the federal government has tried to impact our lives, and not necessarily for the better of truth and justice.

***Please help Frank restart his life here.***

To ask for or question an oath should not be punishable in a court, and has nothing to do with “sovereign citizenship” – often an oxymoron – as its a signed document held onto for safekeeping by the Department of Justice themselves. What would they have to hide from that? A lot, it seems.

I haven’t asked for much throughout the duration of my Case, but I’m of course open for the support, always. In anyway anyone ever chooses to provide, I await the end of this sentencing over these next few weeks anticipating release, getting ready for the mass of lawsuits I’m willing to dish out against all who have opposed our freedoms.

I am new to the State of Florida after moving down there for only a month before incarceration, coming from living in Long Island, New York my whole life and working as a massage therapist and holistic practitioner there. I’m looking forward to making new clients and/or connections here, meeting like-minded friends, trying new things and getting a better handle on the local beaches and restaurants.

I am required to take better care of myself and my body after this J6 jail experience, so everything helps. Enjoyment of my life is a priority, as I’ve worked hard.

There is much to be done, but I wouldn’t fret. Tides could turn in an instant, and not is all as it seems. God bless America… and the love and life of this world!

***Please help Frank restart his life here.***

Frank also shared the following videos and accompanying descriptions with TGP.

Stand Down!: This is me trying to plead to the Capitol Police to stop shooting at us as being a part of the peaceful crowd further back behind me, while also telling the agitators (who I am skeptical of all being Trump supporters) to “stand down!” The DOJ (USA) prosecutor Douglas Collyer used this scene in my sentencing memorandum as a means of trying to punish me for being there, but instead of using the entire clip of the scene, he just showed me talking to the cops and framed it as me trying to keep them from doing their jobs in protecting the US Capitol by harassing them! THIS clip (and unjust cherry-picking of the content in it) is the reason why the prosecution was trying to justify the original 21-days incarceration (with a 3 years probation recommendation that was eventually dropped), before the recommendation was extended to 4 months incarceration for calling the prosecution a “nuisance” and rightfully questioning the validity of the USDC DC judges’ Oaths of Office.

Peaceful Crowd Getting Shot with Tear Gas BEFORE Things Got Crazy!: This clip I took with my smartphone shows that the majority of the peaceful crowd (that I was included in further back from the very front) was already getting shot with tear gas, without warning. Note the mood of the other protestors around me, mostly or completely oblivious to what’s happening further up towards the bike racks off-camera. I even say “excuse me” moving through the crowd. Look down the street and notice how many Trump supporters really attended that day! THIS is the crowd I wanted the Capitol Police to stop shooting at in the “stand down” clip!

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