Jamaal Williams’ anime visor at Saints’ OTAs is everything we need in football

It’s no secret that New Orleans Saints RB Jamaal Williams loves anime.

In fact, he told reporters last year when he was with the Detroit Lions that all he does is watch anime all day. Athletes really are just one of us.

Williams also previously asked fans to bring him anime gear and merchandise, and had this legendary intro on Sunday Night Football:

So, when Jamaal Williams got to New Orleans, the anime didn’t stop there. During OTA’s, Williams was seen rocking this sweet visor on his helmet.

Not gonna lie, this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Having the anime eyes on the visor so it looks like one of your favorite characters should be a thing that the NFL allows during games, but we all know the NFL stands for No Fun League so they definitely won’t do it. In 2019, the NFL allowed players to wear visors that were tinted with the color of the team they’re on, but nothing like this during a game.

This also isn’t the first time someone has rocked an anime themed visor. Also back in 2019, Cleveland Browns EDGE Myles Garrett wore a visor for OTA’s that depicted Goku and Gohan from Dragonball Z doing their iconic Father-Son Kamehameha in the Cell Arc. I need to know who made this and how I can get one. I don’t even play football anymore and I just want one.

Football is a lot cooler with anime involved, and we’re getting closer and closer to that point.

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