January 6 Victim Philip Anderson Severs Ties with Democrat Family Member: “I Have Nothing Left to Say to You People. I’m Done With You Tyrants”

Philip Anderson, one of the victims of shocking police brutality on January 6, 2021 outside the US Capitol, has severed ties with a family member who supports the Democratic Party.

The family member had reached out to Anderson with a text, stating, “You have always been and always will be one of the most important people in my life. A person I care about deeply. I miss you a lot and think about you every day.”

Anderson’s response was scathing and unequivocal.

“You are a Democrat. Democrats have mutilated my face, banned me from every social media platform, stolen my money for my medical bills, manipulated search results against me, smeared me in the media and then lied about reaching out to me for comment, put false information fact checks over every picture and video of my face on Facebook, and much more. And now they are trying to throw me in prison for close to 30 years just for saying words. So I have nothing left to say to you people. I’m done with you tyrants,” Anderson responded.

**You can help and donate to Philip Anderson’s legal fund. Click here.

In another X post, Anderson made it clear that he was cutting off all family members and friends who support the Democratic Party.

“Yes, I am cutting off all family members and friends that support the Democrat party. Your political party has taken everything I have, destroyed my life, deplatformed me, mutilated my face, & now wants to throw me in prison for decades just for saying words. So you are cut off,” he wrote.

Anderson’s life took a dramatic turn after the events of January 6th. He was almost murdered that day, committed no violence or destruction, and didn’t make it inside the Capitol building. Despite this, he is now facing felony charges.

In a subsequent post, he elaborated, “Keep in mind these people almost murdered me on January 6th. And because I survived and talked about it now they are charging me with felonies.”

It can be recalled that Anderson was gassed with clouds of pepper spray, pushed down, and then nearly trampled to death as police officers continued to push Trump supporters on top of a pile of people outside the US Capitol.

This photo shows Philip Anderson nearly unconscious being dragged away by Trump supporters after being crushed under a pile on Jan. 6. Rosanne Boylan was next to him when she died.

Philip Anderson fell and was being smothered as police officers continued to push Trump supporters on top of him.  Philip told The Gateway Pundit how he was holding Rosanne’s hand when she died.

second eye-witness also contacted The Gateway Pundit following our interview with Philip and confirmed his account.

And Jake Lang, a January 6 prisoner currently held with trial or rights inside the Washington DC prison, also confirmed this report.  Jake Lang rescued Philip Anderson that day.  He is pictured dragging Philip Anderson to safety away from the police.  Rosanne Boyland didn’t make it.

Philip was never called to testify before Liz Cheney’s fraudulent Jan. 6 Committee. Philip was never sent an apology by the FBI. He was never interviewed to hear his version of what happened that day.

Last August, the feds arrested Philip Anderson – 2 1/2 years after January 6th, where they nearly killed him. His list of charges includes two felonies: Obstructing law enforcement and Obstruction of Congress.

“I’m f**king furious. This is absolute bull sh*t. They almost murder me and murder Rosanne Boyland and lie about it and then they charge me with felonies in retaliation for talking about it. This is third world nonsense,” said Anderson.

**You can help and donate to Philip Anderson’s legal fund. Click here.

“Thank you so much to everyone that has donated to my legal fund. I don’t have much money so I need all the help I can get to pay for a lawyer. They almost killed me on January 6th and now they are charging me with crimes. Please donate,” said Anderson.

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