Jason Kelce introduced young Bills fan to Taylor Swift after seeing her sign

Jason Kelce stole everyone’s hearts on Sunday night with his enthusiastic, shirtless celebrations in the VIP box while watching his brother play — but it was this moment after the game that was somehow even better.

The elder Kelce noticed a young Bills fan holding a “I [heart] T. Swift” sign directed at the box for much of the game, and didn’t squander an opportunity to turn a disappointing loss into a moment the girl will never, ever forget.

Seriously, this kid is going to school today being the only person who got to say hi to Taylor in person. I don’t care if your heart is as hard as The Grinch’s, that’s pretty damn cool.

It was a big night for Jason from pillar to post. He was hyped at every score, always with a beer in his hand.

He jumped into the stands just to soak in the energy and say hi to some Bills fans.

And when the dust settled, we got the most amazing text from Mama Kelce to cap it all off.

We’re not going to get Kelce vs. Kelce in the Super Bowl this year, but Jason is having the time of his life in retirement. You’ve got to respect it.

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