Jill Biden Speaks on Her Husband’s Behalf, Reveals Update on Joe’s Reelection Plans (VIDEO)

Jill Biden on Friday arrived in Kenya.

Dr. Jill is in the middle of a multi-day trip to Africa.


Jill spoke on her husband’s behalf during an interview with the Associated Press.

Joe Biden still hasn’t announced a 2024 reelection campaign.

Dr. Jill revealed an update on Joe’s reelection plans.

“He’s not finished what he’s started, and that’s what’s important. Look at all that Joe has done, has accomplished! He brought us out of the chaos,” Jill Biden said.

Jill said Joe is ‘pretty much’ ready to announce his reelection.


According to reports, Joe Biden wants his 2024 campaign headquarters to be located in Wilmington near his Delaware basement.

Joe Biden is expected to announce his 2024 reelection campaign in April.

Biden is unpopular and old so he wants to make sure his campaign headquarters is near his Wilmington home.

According to left-leaning polls, approximately only one-third of Democrat voters want Joe Biden to run for president in 2024.

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