Joe and Jill Biden Hijack Rehoboth Beach Shoreline

Photo courtesy of TMZ

Joe and Dr. Jill on Saturday hijacked the shoreline at the North Shores neighborhood in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Joe Biden on Friday afternoon departed the White House for another vacation at his Rehoboth Beach House.

Biden has spent 352 days – approximately 40% of his presidency – on vacation with no visitor logs.

80-year-old Joe Biden shuffled over the staircase to Air Force One without saluting the servicemembers.

Dozens of Secret Service agents cleared out much of the shoreline to make room for the Bidens.

Photos obtained by TMZ show dozens of umbrellas and empty chairs used to shield the Bidens from the peasants.

Biden kicked back at the beach while hardworking Americans suffer from his far-left policies.

TMZ reported:

JB was in Rehoboth Beach, DE Saturday — where he and FLOTUS, Jill Biden, have a summer home in the North Shores neighborhood — and both of them went down toward the shore to soak in some rays and enjoy the atmosphere … a very sunny one, indeed.

Now, eyewitnesses tell us it was Jill who actually arrived on the beach first — accompanied by a bunch of Secret Service agents — and that Joe eventually followed with his own flock.

As you can see, the Bidens had chairs and umbrellas laid out … and Jill even threw on some sunscreen for protection. When it comes to Joe — he settled for a baseball cap and keeping his shirt on. Shoes, too, it seems … you can never be too careful for POTUS!

When they were finally seated next to each other … we’re told Joe was busy reading a bunch of papers, although it’s unclear what was on them. No PDA between the first couple or anything — sounds like they were just content with being in each other’s company.

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