Joe Biden Can Barely Walk – Shuffles Through the Sand on Delaware Beach and No One Cares – While Trump Lights Up Las Vegas (VIDEO)

The contrast could not be more apparent.

Democrats are going to have an even harder time convincing Americans this guy is is running anything in the next 12 months. Maybe they don’t care? They pulled off one stolen election. Why not two? After all, communists play smash mouth. They don’t have to convince anyone when they hold all of the power.

On Saturday, Joe Biden went to Rehoboth beach near his Delaware home. No one cared. No one paid attention.

And Joe Biden could barely walk. He was lucky not to fall on his face as he shuffled through the sand.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump was stealing the show in Las Vegas.

MASSIVE LINE for Trump in Vegas – President Trump to Speak at Fervent Calvary Chapel at 7:30 PM ET – VIDEO

Here is the comparison – via Midnight Rider.

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