Joe Biden Gifts Another $10 Billion to Iran – His Total Funding to Iran Now Comes to $80 Billion Since He Entered Office- And This is One Month After Iran-Backed Hamas Slaughtered 1,400 Jews in Israel

Joe Biden and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei

On Tuesday, the Joe Biden administration extended a sanctions waiver that will allow Iran to collect another $10 billion in funds in order for the mullahs to fund their military operations in the region.

This comes one week after Iranian-backed Houthis attempted to shoot down a US drone in the region and one month after Iran-backed Hamas terrorists slaughtered 1,400 Jews in Israel and took another 240 Jews hostage.

It was the deadliest attack on Jews since World War II.

Joe Biden ignored the massacre in order to open the door and help Iran bring in another $10 billion in the next few months.

The AP reported:

The Biden administration has extended by four months a sanctions waiver that will allow Iraq to continue to purchase electricity from Iran and gives Iran limited access to the proceeds to buy humanitarian goods.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken signed the 120-day waiver extension and it was transmitted to Congress on Tuesday, U.S. officials said. The move is likely to draw criticism from Iran hawks on Capitol Hill and elsewhere who believe the extension will reward Iran at a time when it is coming under increasing pressure to end its support for proxy groups, including Hamas, that are destabilizing the Middle East.

There is roughly $10 billion in Iraqi payments for Iranian electricity currently being held in escrow accounts in Iraq, and the waiver will allow Baghdad to maintain its energy imports without fear of U.S. penalties for violating sanctions on Iran.

Joe Biden has now gifted the Iranian regime with $80 billion since entering the White House.

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) told FOX News a month ago in October that Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen gave $3.5 billion to Iran through the International Monetary Fund several months ago.

This was not part of the $6 billion that Biden recently gifted the Iranian mullahs.

Senator John Kennedy: Several months ago, it wasn’t well publicized, President Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen gave Iran $3.5 billion through the International Monetary Fund. That’s not the $6 billion that we have objected to. $3.6 billion dollars cash. I’ll be glad to come on your show and explain how they did that. I objected to it at the time. I tried to pass a bill to stop it. They rolled over me. The press didn’t pick it up. But here’s the problem we face right now, the time to build the ark is before the rain.

But the $3.5 billion and $6 billion may be only a part of Joe Biden’s cash for Iran.

Senator Kennedy spoke out about another transfer of money to the Iranian regime back in 2021. Kennedy argued in a letter to Janet Yellen that the Biden administration’s plan would ultimately result in China receiving $22 billion, Russia receiving $18 billion and Iran receiving $3.5 billion.

But that’s not all; according to The Daily Signal’s calculations, Iran has received approximately $70 billion more under Biden than it would have under Trump.

The mullahs must love Joe Biden. No one has been more generous to this killer regime.

They ought to build statues of Old Joe in Tehran.

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