Joe Biden is Like a Lost Roomba-This Week’s Gateway Pundit Recap by Blessed News

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This week’s highlights have condensed 2 weeks worth of news into one episode hosted by TGP’s very own Alicia Powe.

We start out with an infuriating story about the Sedition Hunters teaming up with the FBI to build entire cases on Jan 6 patriots.

The Seditions Hunters brag that they are able to use privatized facial recognition data and software that is unconstitutional for the FBI to use, then they simply cart the full portfolios over to the FBI as ‘tips’ and the FBI uses these tips to build actual cases and charge Jan 6ers! Its a unholy alliance and back room work around to abridge our Constitutional right of privacy.

Alicia also covers the latest on Trump as he scorches the RINOs on Truth Social! This latest indictment on the RINOs is especially hard hitting because of the recent shift after the Nov 7th election failure against leader of the RINOs, Republican National chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel. We are seeing a live culling of the infiltrators to the MAGA movement.

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Finally we round out this weeks highlights with the infamous Joe Biden ‘Roomba’ clip that is equal parts hilarious and extremely disconcerting! Our so called ‘Commander in Chief’ bumbles about the stage, searching desperately for a que from his handlers on what to do after his speech.

Clips like these are surely going to be the fodder for a strong Trump campaign in 2024!

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