“Joe! Come Back Out!” Dr. Jill Shouts at Joe Biden After He Wanders Off and Disappears at White House Pride Month (VIDEO)

This was embarrassing.

Joe and Jill Biden on Saturday hosted a ‘pride month’ celebration picnic on the South Lawn at the White House.

The White House unfurled an LGBTQ+ flag next to an American flag at the White House.

Biden’s speech was full of gaffes and bizarre stories.

After mumbling through remarks and again telling the story about “two well dressed men standing on the corner” kissing each other decades ago in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden disappeared.

Biden wandered away from the stage and disappeared.

Classless Jill shouted at her invalid husband demanding he make his way back to the stage.

“Yeah, I think this in on,” Jill Biden said doing a mic check. “Joe! You’re gonna have to come back out because we have our entertainment and everybody’s waiting for that! Not that they’re not waiting for you!”

Dr. Jill continued to screech into the mic: “So, Joe, come on back! He’ll come back out after the entertainment!”


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