Josh Hart’s disgusting tweet made the entire NBA cringe

Look man, I’m not one to judge people’s dietary habits. I think if you want to make a change in what you put in your body you go for it.

But look man, I draw the line here.

What in the HELL is going on at the Hart household?

It was reported during their second round playoff series vs the Miami Heat that Hart’s wife had a child during the series, so it feels like this friend Hart is talking about might be the one he’s looking at in the mirror. This is some sicko shit, dude. And I know the rebuttal will be, “oh but we drank breast milk when we were babies,” YEAH WE WERE BABIES! NO GROWN ASS MAN IS DOING THIS I’M SORRY. This tweet is for like one person, and that’s Homelander (if you know, you know).

This tweet, of course, sparked an entire conversation between multiple NBA players and personalities, some being Hart’s teammates on the Knicks.

Former Josh Hart teammate and New Orleans Pelican CJ McCollum also chimed in, and I have a lot of questions.

…IT GOES DOWN LIKE WHAT? Who did you hear this from? Why are they telling you this information? What is happening man? Never in my days on Twitter have I seen this conversation unfold.

You know things get real when Stephen A. Smith chimes in, and now we might get a podcast episode out of it.

Look what you’ve done, Josh Hart. Look at the chaos you’ve wrought. All because you wanted to drink breast milk.

This app will never see heaven.

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