Judge Goes Off on Nathan Wade’s Former Law Partner for Skipping Court Testimony for Doctor’s Appointment Amid Scandal Trial

The courtroom drama intensified on Friday when Judge Robert McAfee lambasted Terrence Bradley, divorce attorney and ex-law partner of scandal-embroiled attorney Nathan Wade, for missing a scheduled court testimony to attend a doctor’s appointment.

The absence came as a shock during the high-profile trial, where Bradley was to provide crucial evidence.

Legal analyst Jonathan Turley wrote on X, “The judge in Georgia just warned counsel for Terrence Bradley that he considers the medical appointment without notice to be a violation of his subpoena. His counsel insists that he must meet with his doctor to follow up on his status in light of his appointment…”

“…Judge McAfee made clear that his patience was running out because Bradley was given advance notice of his need to appear,” the judge added.

“I was never informed of a medical appointment,” Judge McAfee said.

Judge McAfee did not mince words as he admonished Bradley in the courtroom, stating, “Right now I think he’s in violation of subpoena.”

The outburst underscored the court’s dwindling patience, given that Bradley had received sufficient notice of his obligation to appear.

He pressed Bradley’s lawyer to ensure his immediate presence immediately.

This development comes in the wake of Bradley’s assertion that the Georgia Bar Association had counseled him against answering questions, invoking Rule 1.6 on confidentiality.

This claim, however, was met with skepticism by Ashleigh Merchant, the defense attorney, who questioned whether the Bar was fully apprised of Wade’s affidavit, which arguably altered the landscape of privilege in the case.

She claimed that Wade had waived certain aspects of privilege by including information about the relationship in his affidavit. She argued that since Wade had already disclosed the relationship, she should be allowed to ask qualifying questions regarding it.

The attorney emphasized that Wade should not be allowed to selectively disclose information while avoiding questioning about it. She contended that privilege should either be fully upheld or waived, and the current situation, where Wade is able to discuss the relationship on his own terms, is unacceptable.

Bradley also said that he is afraid of losing his law license.


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