Judge McAfee Suggests John Floyd’s Testimony May Be Discredited After Reportedly Prepping With His Daughter Fani Willis in the Same Room and Ignoring News Ban

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee, who previously worked under the supervision of the county’s District Attorney Fani Willis, has raised concerns regarding the credibility of John Floyd’s testimony, potentially impacting the case involving his daughter.

Willis’ radical Black Panther father, John C. Floyd III, who lived with her and advised her when she indicted Trump, faced scrutiny for his preparation methods for the testimony and his admitted disregard for court rules regarding media consumption about the case.

During the proceedings, it was brought to light that John Floyd had prepared for his testimony with his daughter, Fani, present in the same room. This unusual method of preparation prompted Judge McAfee to question the impartiality of Floyd’s forthcoming statements.

Having the person involved in the case there while a witness gets ready could lead to unintentional biases or influence the testimony, potentially skewing the facts of the case.

Further complicating matters, John Floyd acknowledged that he had not adhered to the court’s strict instructions to avoid all news coverage related to the case.

This admission raised additional concerns about the potential for external influence on his testimony. The court imposes such restrictions to ensure that witnesses’ statements remain untainted by public and media narratives, preserving the integrity of their account.

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