Judge Timothy Kelly Sentences Proud Boy Leader Ethan Nordean To 18 Years In Prison for Using a Bullhorn and Walking Through Capitol Building For A Few Minutes – Please Donate to Ethan’s Family Below

Hours before jurors deliberated a verdict convicting the Proud Boys of seditious conspiracy, J6 political prisoner Ethan Nordean detailed to Gateway Pundit reporter Alicia Powe how the US government conspired to incriminate the pro-Trump group months leading up to January 6.

“Generally speaking, we had a large number of undercover individuals — I am not going to get into too many details because I really don’t know what I’m allowed to say … but what’s public and what’s been spoken about in trial, we had multiple, multiple human sources from different agencies, local Metropolitan, FBI, and who knows what else and it’s pretty disturbing,” Nordean told the Gateway Pundit in a call using a tablet from his solitary confinement cell.

“It’s pretty disturbing hearing a lot of the things that occurred and the length to which the FBI has gone to lie, to manipulate.”

The government contends Nordean, along with four other members of the Proud Boys tried on the seditious conspiracy trial, — Army veteran Zachary Rehl and Marine Corp. veteran Dominic Pezzola, the group’s national leaders Enrique Tarrio, a former GOP congressional candidate, and decorated Staff Sgt. Joseph Biggs — began orchestrating a 9/11-like terror attack months prior to January 6 in an attempt to violently overthrow the government.

The Justice Department invested years in scouring through over 500,000 messages obtained from the defendants’ devices, social media pages and exchanges in online chat rooms in an effort to make its case.

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Still, week after week during the trial that spanned 51 days, the longest of any J6 trial, conniving prosecutors failed to prove there was ever a premeditated plan contrived by any patriot to storm the Capitol.

Prosecutors pitched the narrative about the Proud Boys, a Trump-supporting fraternity that became infamous for protecting innocent bystanders from Antifa, propagated by the mainstream media to make their case to the weak-minded jurors, not the facts, Nordean argued.

It is increasingly evident there were HUNDREDS of undercover government operatives working inside the crowds on J6 and directing the criminal conduct.

In the end, the kangaroo court found Ethan Nordean guilty of seditious conspiracy without offering a shred of proof that this was true.

On Friday dirty Judge Tim Kelly, an unhinged Trump hater who has destroyed the lives of hundreds of men, women and children with his fanatical hatred of average American Trump supporters, ruled that Ethan Nordean will spend 18 years in prison.

Here is the alleged terrorist Nordean on January 6.

Ethan Nordean did NOTHING wrong.

** Please donate to Ethan Nordean’s GiveSendGo to help him win an appeal and return home to his wife and daughter.

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