JUST IN: Another MASSIVE Group of Illegal Aliens Flood Into Lukeville, Arizona on Joe Biden’s Open Border Invitation (VIDEO)

It’s an invasion.

Another massive group of illegal aliens flooded into Lukeville, Arizona Saturday evening on Joe Biden’s open border invitation.

Arizona’s Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs was at the Lukeville port of entry earlier Saturday to “assess” the situation after an endless line of military-age men from Africa and the Middle East charged over the border this week.

Katie Hobbs is largely responsible for not working to secure the border. Illegal border crossings increased in Arizona after Katie Hobbs took office.

Human smugglers and coyotes working for the Mexican cartels have recently diverted tens of thousands of illegals per month to the Tucson sector. Apprehensions and narcotics/fentanyl events have spiked in Tucson on Katie Hobbs’ watch.

Katie Hobbs absurdly claimed she was working to secure the border.


A massive group of illegal aliens charged over the border in Lukeville a few hours after Katie Hobbs left.

WATCH (via video Fox News):

A border wall breach and massive incursion unfolded in Lukeville, Arizona Thursday evening.

Illegal aliens from Africa charged over the border chanting, “America! America!” on Thursday evening.

Single, military-age men from northern Africa cheered as they ran over Fox News reporters to brag about illegally entering the United States.


Hordes of illegals were seen walking down the middle of the highway in Lukeville, Arizona Thursday night.

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