JUST IN: Former AG Ed Meese Submits Court Declaration Calling Prosecution of Trump DOJ Official Jeff Clark ‘A Major Affront to Federal Supremacy Never Seen Before’

Former Attorney General who served under Ronald Reagan, Edwin Meese, submitted a court declaration calling the prosecution of Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark ‘a major affront to federal supremacy never before seen in the history of our country.’

Jeffrey Clark served as the Department of Justice Assistant Attorney General under Trump and was under consideration to be Trump’s Attorney General.

Ed Meese is 91 years old so he won’t be able to show up in court on Monday where Jeffrey Clark will argue his case.

“So, he won’t be open to being cross-examined and, as a result, it’s unclear whether judge will consider Meese’s statement. Not clear if Clark himself will testify. Fulton County DA has subpoenaed another Trump Asst. AG, Jody Hunt, for the hearing.” Politico’s Josh Gerstein noted.

Last month Fani Willis hit President Trump and 18 others with RICO and conspiracy charges for daring to challenge the 2020 election.

Fani Willis criminalized the First Amendment and brave state lawmakers did their best to fight back and oust her from office.

Former Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark was indicted by a Fulton County grand jury on two counts: 1 (RICO) and 22 (Criminal Attempt to Commit False Statements and Writings).

Recall, that Jeffrey Clark was also raided by the FBI in 2022.

After the FBI raided Jeffrey Clark’s home, left-wing media attacked him for being a ‘promoter of The Gateway Pundit.’

In August 2022, Jeffrey Clark appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox to talk about the FBI raid on his Northern Virginia home. Clark said the agents made him go outside in his pajamas while they searched his house. Clark said twelve FBI agents, two Fairfax County police officers and an ‘electronic sniffer dog’ searched his house for over three hours. All his electronic devices were seized.


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