JUST IN: Lefty Journalist Indicted on Conspiracy Charges For Hacking Fox News, Leaking Tucker Carlson Videos

Tucker Carlson speaks with his makeup artist while getting reading for a show.
Tucker Carlson speaks with his makeup artist while getting reading for a show. (@MattGertz / Twitter video screen shot)

‘Progressive’ journalist Tim Burke was indicted and arrested on 14 federal crimes including conspiracy charges for hacking Fox News and leaking the Tucker Carlson videos.

Tim Burke previously worked at the Daily Beast and Deadspin.

Last year behind-the-scenes videos of Tucker Carlson were publicly leaked.

In one leaked video, Tucker Carlson talked about how he was triggered by Dominion’s lawyer who he called a “slimy motherf*cker” during his deposition.

These leaked videos actually made everyone love Tucker even more.


The videos were hilarious.


The Tampa Bay Times last year reported the FBI searched the home of Florida Democrat and lefty journalist Tim Burke after videos of Tucker Carlson were leaked and posted online.

Tim Burke was indicted on 14 federal crimes for hacking Fox News.

CNN reported:

Timothy Burke, a former journalist, has been charged with 14 federal crimes over the alleged hack and leaking of a series of unflattering behind-the-scenes clips of Tucker Carlson, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday.

In the grand jury indictment, Burke was charged with one count of conspiracy, six counts of accessing a protected computer without authorization, and seven counts of intercepting or disclosing wire, oral or electronic communications. The 45-year-old was arrested Thursday morning and was expected to appear in federal court in Tampa, Florida, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The charges against Burke, who denied breaking the law through his lawyers, followed a Justice Department criminal hacking probe opened last year after previously unaired videos from Carlson’s former Fox News show surfaced online. In one unaired clip posted by Vice in 2022, Kanye West was seen making antisemitic remarks to Carlson. The following year, after Carlson was fired from Fox News, the progressive watchdog Media Matters posted embarrassing behind-the-scenes footage of Carlson making crude remarks while joking with staff and denigrating the Fox Nation streaming service.

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