JUST-IN: Wisconsin Ethics Commission Investigating Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz’s Campaign for Illegal Donation Harvesting and Money Laundering – MORE COMPLAINTS TO COME

The Wisconsin Ethics Commission has opened an investigation into Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz, a racist Democrat who uses the N-word to describe blacks accused of crimes but hasn’t been canceled, for illegal money laundering and campaign donation fraud through an expansive leftwing network.

Protasiewicz’s name also came up in a report we published in March about O’Keefe Media Group’s investigation into this scheme. Other names provided to The Gateway Pundit include Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, Governor Katie Hobbs of Arizona, Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia, Congressman Troy Carter of Louisiana, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively the vast far-left network of donation harvesters or “smurfs” used in Raphael Warnock’s Georgia Senate race and other big races across the Country. Legacy fake news media ignored these HUGE stories.

EXCLUSIVE: “Campaign Finance Mules” Identified in Georgia Senate Race – Democrat Raphael Warnock Received Over $24 Million from Hundreds of UNEMPLOYED Donors Giving Over 358,000 Donations

It is likely that these scams are run in part on the unknown amount of money laundered through Sam Bankman-Fried’s bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, for Democratic politicians.

The criminal money laundering enterprise operates at the Federal, state, and local levels.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reportedThe first local elected official identified as part of this ongoing money laundering operation was Alvin Bragg.

Alvin Bragg received massive numbers of campaign finance contributions from the network of individuals who had been identified as smurfs. The investigation into Alvin Bragg also helped to uncover the use of pre-paid credit and debit cards in the structuring of the campaign finance contributions and the payment of ballot harvesting mules.

We also reported on leftwing Fulton County DA Fani Willis, another Marxist attempting to jail President Trump, and her connections to this sprawling web of election fraud and money laundering activities.

It appears this illegal money laundering operation is targeting the legal system to install corrupt, leftwing DAs and Judges in order to change the rule of law in America.

The nationwide ActBlue money mules and smurfs made massive numbers of individual contributions to the PACs that largely financed the Janet for Justice campaign.

1130 WISN reports,

The Wisconsin Ethics Commission is investigating new Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz’s campaign for alleged money laundering and fraud. A complaint accuses the campaign of “smurfing”–the illegal practice of laundering big money donations through unaware small-dollar donors.

“The total amount identified to date of illegally laundering money into Janet For Justice’s campaign comes to $1,038,705.93,” alleges the complaint, which was filed earlier this month by Election Watch. “It appears individuals, or those being smurfed, are largely used to aggregate mostly less than the $200 reporting limit of individuals to avoid detection.”

According to Investopedia, smurfing (named after the popular cartoon characters) is “a money-laundering technique involving structuring large amounts of cash into multiple small transactions. Smurfs often spread these small transactions over many different accounts, to keep them under regulatory reporting limits and avoid detection.”

Election Watch claimed in its complaint to have identified thousands of ultra-small-dollar donations made in the names of hundreds of mostly elderly donors, none of whom had any idea that they had made such donations when a private investigator asked about them.

Alleged smurfs include an 84-year-old man who reportedly made “15,620 different donations totaling $62,410.01 over the past three election cycles” and a 71-year-old woman who “donated 11,192 times for a total of $63,883.27 over the past three election cycles.” Both of these individuals denied making these donations when interviewed by investigators.

Wisconsin State Representative Janel Brandtjen told The Gateway Pundit, “Additional complaints may be filed.”

This money laundering and campaign finance fraud, coupled with the massive fraud that was committed in 2020 by subverting election procedures and stuffing ballot drop boxes, is causing Wisconsin voters to lose trust in the system.

“Illegal drop boxes, adding 150,000 indefinite confined voters who did not have to show IDs, keeping special voting deputies from senior facilities and $8 million in non-profit funds to democrat cities, has created a lack of confidence in Wisconsin Elections,” said Brandtjen.

This is a developing story…

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