Kevin Durant doesn’t want to be on your podcast, obnoxious Mavs fan

Just in case everyone needed another reminder: Buying a ticket to a game doesn’t entitle you to act however you want without consequences. Two Mavericks fans learned this the hard way on Thursday night when they were on the verge of being kicked out for yelling obscenities at Kevin Durant, before KD saved their entitled asses by ensuring they got to stay.

Easily the wildest part of this is the dude who tries to jump on the moment to invite Durant on his podcast, as if KD doesn’t have better things to think about before a game than worrying about going on a random dude’s podcast after the woman he was was just swearing at him.

This is a move that’s equally parts bold, and totally stupid. Here’s what you should say if an NBA star just kept you from being kicked out by security when you would have without his intervention.

“Thank you Kevin. I’m really sorry we got caught up in the moment, and it won’t happen again.”

Here’s what you should not say.

“I host a podcast about sports, and …”

To be honest, I think trying to get KD on his podcast might be a bigger reason to kick this dude out than the swearing.

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