“Kill the Boer…The Farmer!” – Radical South African Political Leader Calls for Executing White People While Massive Crowd Dances and Echoes His Cries (VIDEO)

Credit: SABC News Twitter Screenshot

Apartheid was never truly abolished in South Africa, the races were just reversed. One could even argue it is worse today.

On Saturday, Julius Malema, the leader of the far-left Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) party, led a huge crowd in chants of “Kill the Boer.” The term Boer is an Afrikaan and Durtch referring to white farmers.

As the Gateway Pundit has reported previously, white farmers are facing potential genocide thanks to “leaders” like Malema. His supporters say they are ready to kill or die for the white-owned land.

The video shows Malema dancing and and then he begins singing in Afrikaans before switching to English. He can be heard shouting the following words multiple times:

Shoot to kill. Kill the Boer! The farmer!

He concludes his sick rant by making gun noises. The bloodthirsty audience echoes his cries throughout.


The Democratic Alliance (DA), a centrist opposition party, announced that they will be filing a case in front of the United Nations (UN) against both the EFF and the African National Congress (ANC), which currently rules South Africa.

Here are the details from DA leader John Steenhuisen:

The first element of our UN case will focus on Malema’s repeated incitement of ethnic violence.

The second element will charge the ANC national government before the UN over its years-long failure to take action against their one-time protégé even as brutal farm murders continue to escalate in the wake of Malema’s demagoguery.

One could say they are either naive or desperate if they honestly think the UN will heed their complaints. In fact, many members of the corrupt, worthless organization probably agree with Malema.

This is is not the first Malema has called for the mass murder of whites. Jim Hoft reported that Malema previously admitted his desire to confiscate white-owned land and to cut “the throat of whiteness.”

He was also once arrested for playing “Kill the Boer” at one of his rallies about six years ago.

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