Leak Shows i7-14700HX for Laptops is Almost as Fast as Desktop Counterpart

A leaked Geekbench 6 benchmark reveals that Intel’s as-of-yet-unannounced Core i7-14700HX will make its way to Acer’s Nitro 17 laptop lineup, and that it has the same core count as the Core i7-14700K. We’ve already seen the 14700HX leak in a different benchmark, but this one is different as it appears to show realistic performance — and it’s almost as good as the 14700K.

The 14700K and 14700HX are notable for being the only CPUs in the Raptor Lake Refresh to offer new core count configurations. Compared to last generation’s Core i7-13700K, the 14700K and 14700HX include four more E-cores, and in our review those four extra cores made a significant difference in multi-threaded performance.

In the leaked benchmark, the 14700HX achieved a multi-threaded score of 17,475 and a single-threaded score of 2,921; meanwhile, our 14700K review sample scored 19,633 points in the multi-threaded test and 2,986 in the single-threaded test. The performance the 14700HX puts on display seems to be the real deal and what we can likely expect from the Acer Nitro 17 when this updated model hits the shelves.

That the 14700HX is so close to the 14700K in multi-threaded performance is somewhat surprising given that the 14700K consumes quite a bit of power, much more than the 13700K. Laptop CPUs operate at a lower power consumption in order to accommodate weaker coolers and power delivery hardware, but if the 14700HX is doing just find in a midrange laptop like the Acer Nitro 17, that definitely bodes well.

As for other specs of this unreleased Acer gaming laptop, not much is clear. The name Geekbench recorded was the Acer Nitro AN17-72, which is very similar to the current-generation Acer Nitro AN17-71-75VK, which sports 16GB of DDR5 and an RTX 4050. It’s likely this leaked laptop features similar hardware — except perhaps for the RAM, which Geekbench notes was 32GB rather than 16GB.

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