Leaked Training Video From Veterans Affairs Promotes Abortion and Suggests Men Can Get Pregnant

A leaked training video from Veterans Affairs not only promotes abortion, it suggests that men can get pregnant.

This news comes just days after General Mark Milley insisted that the U.S. Military is not woke.

What would he call this?

FOX News reports:

Leaked Veterans Affairs training video promotes abortion, suggests men can get pregnant

A leaked Department of Veteran Affairs video showed efforts to promote abortions and more “medically accurate” terminology such as “person who is pregnant” over pregnant women.

A “Reproductive Health Training” video from April 2023 advised staffers on how to counsel veterans considering abortion.

Before discussing counseling procedures, the video began with a “note” on language that clarified, “Not all people who seek abortions identify as women.” Another note read, “’Person who is pregnant’ is inclusive and preferred to ‘pregnant woman.’”

“When ‘women’ is used in this presentation series, it’s because the studies cited only included ciswomen,” the video also stated.

Another slide offered a “guide” to “language and abortion” to offer to veterans potentially seeking abortions. The language included using “embryo or fetus” instead of “baby or unborn child,” “embryonic or fetal cardiac activity” instead of “fetal heartbeat,” “veteran or person” instead of “mother” and “pregnancy options counseling” instead of “abortion counseling.”

Additional videos obtained by The Post Millennial showed what appeared to be defenses for abortion as “essential, life-saving care” and safer than pregnancy. The videos also suggested that “pregnancy can endanger mental health” while abortion patients “rarely” feel regret.

Libs of TikTok posted the video on Twitter.

This progressive ideology has infiltrated pretty much every institution, from schools to the military and even medicine. It’s insanity.

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