Legendary QB Mentioned as Raiders Option Amid Rumors

josh mcdaniels


Josh McDaniels of the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Las Vegas Raiders may want to consider jumping back into the quarterback market. It was recently revealed that Jimmy Garoppolo had to undergo foot surgery after signing with the team. While the team seems confident that he’ll make a full recovery and be able to play this season, his injury history should have them very concerned.

According to Pro Football Talk, there is a clause in Garoppolo’s contract that allows them to terminate the deal if he can’t pass a physical. That will protect the Raiders from having to pay him but it doesn’t help the on-field product. Brian Hoyer and Aidan O’Connell are not capable of being full-time starters. If Garoppolo can’t play and is let go, the Raiders could turn to the quarterback they’ve wanted all along.

Owner Mark Davis just recently announced that he has agreed to a deal with Tom Brady for him to become a part owner of the Raiders. The deal is still pending league approval but should a need at quarterback arise, the team has arguably the greatest one to ever play already in the build. The Garoppolo news led to much speculation that Brady could be the Raiders’ quarterback this season.

Brady on the Raiders makes a lot of sense. Josh McDaniels was his offensive coordinator for a long time in New England and Brady was an important part of the development of that offense. Las Vegas is one of the few teams that Brady would be able to come in and already be a master of the offense. While it’s still unlikely, it’s something to watch until Garoppolo can pass a physical.

Why It’s Unlikely Brady Will Play if Ownership Stake Is Approved

If Brady does decide to play for the Raiders, he may need to hold off on becoming an owner of the team. He will need approval from at least 24 of the 32 teams to play if he’s an owner. It’s hard to imagine many teams want to help out the Raiders. The three teams in the AFC West alone would almost certainly deny him.

In fact, Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that if he becomes an owner, he may have to sign a provision that would end his playing career.

“Interestingly, a league source raised the possibility that Brady’s approval by fellow owners could come with the provision that he is fully retired,” Bonsignore wrote. “If so, that eliminates the possibility of him trying to simultaneously own a piece of the franchise while also playing for it.”

Brady can delay becoming an owner of the team so if he decides to go through with it, that likely means he doesn’t intend to play. The next owners’ meeting isn’t until October so he has time to evaluate the situation.

What if Brady Does Play?

Brady is retired and said he was for good. However, he has already retired once and came back to play. His familiarity with McDaniels would make it easy for him to play for the Raiders as long as he’s staying in shape. While Brady didn’t have his best season last year, he still led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the playoffs. He threw for 25 touchdowns to nine interceptions.

Putting him on a stacked Raiders offense that features Davante Adams should only be good for his numbers. Brady will be 46 but he’s a better quarterback than Garoppolo. Even if it was just for one season, the Raiders would be happy to have him leading the team.

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