“Let My People Go” Full Interview: Cyber Expert Harry Haury Reveals How Election Machines Error Rates Violate Federal Law and How Bill Barr Killed a Massive Fraudulent Ballot Investigation

“Let My People Go” Full Interview: Cyber Expert Harry Haury Reveals How Election Machines Error Rates Violate Federal Law, How Bill Barr Killed Massive Fraudulent Ballot Investigation, and How Konnech’s CCP Ties Have Devastating Consequences

Gateway Pundit continues to release full length interviews from the most censored film in the country “Let My People Go.”

In part 1 of this interview from “Let My People Go,” Cyber Security Expert and Co-Author of the Help America Vote Act, Harry Haury, breaks down how U.S. Election equipment vendors, clerks and Secretaries of State fail to comply with federally mandated error rates for ballots being processed through election tabulators — which only allow one error for every 125,000 ballots. This means virtually none of the states performing risk limiting audits are following HAVA.

Haury explains how the error rates are supposed to mirror stringent standards in the banking industry for check processing. In a surprise to no one, the error rates in elections are not only abysmal, but as a chief author of HAVA, Haury provides his expert opinion that the law has not been followed for nearly two decades. Haury also breaks down the legal deficiencies found under the National Voter Registration Act and his observation of voter rolls having tremendous error rates.

Haury then provides his expert opinion on how no mandatory assessments have been done on the election equipment by FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) and what he personally heard former Attorney General Bill Barr say to law enforcement, demanding they kill their investigation into whistleblower Jesse Morgan’s discovery that he was transporting hundreds of thousands of fake and fraudulent ballots from New York to Pennsylvania.

You can watch Part 1 here:

In Part 2, Haury provides an insider’s take on the Konnech scandal and how CEO Eugene Yu’s ties to the CCP have exposed U.S. elections at an unprecedented level. Haury was retained as an expert by True the Vote to validate data that shows election workers’ personal information, bank accounts numbers, and America’s election schematics are being held and exploited by the CCP.

You can watch Part 2 here:

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