Lions schedule release video features Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson from ‘I Think You Should Leave’

There was only one correct choice on which famous Lions fans should unveil Detroit’s 2024 NFL schedule, and it’s definitely not Eminem.

Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson, best known for their work on Netflix’s I Think You Should Leave originally had the best, least-appreciated show on Comedy Central in Detroiters. These dyed-in-the-wool Lions fans appreciate everything the city has to offer, and it made them the perfect people to unveil the schedule.

This is everything that makes their comedy great. A bizarre plan for a hotdog-powered schedule delivery robot went awry, leaving them to present the games slowly sliding up the screen. It’s clear that they had no idea what the slate was while filming this — leaving them to react to nothing and bicker over who got to hold certain games in their hands.

The Lions, just like everything they’ve done in the last three years, absolutely nailed it.

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