LIVE-STREAM VIDEO: House Hearing on Weaponization of Federal Government – Focus on Twitter Files Investigation – Democrats Are Losing It

The Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government is holding a hearing today on Capitol Hill.

On Thursday the committee focused on the weaponization of the government as identified in the Twitter Files releases.

Witnesses include two liberal reporters who were involved in the Twitter Files releases:

Matt Taibbi, Journalist – testimony
Michael Shellenberger, Author, Co-founder of the Breakthrough Institute and the California Peace Coalition

Democrats are losing their minds.

The Democrat Party is pushing BS on Russia hacking the DNC server – that was previously proven speculative at best.

And the Ranking Member Democrat Rep. Plaskett asked reporter Matt Tiabbi for his sources proving once again the Democrat Party has no regard for the Constitution or laws of this country.

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