LOL! Democrat Representative Demands Change to Russell Senate Office Building That Was Named After Democrat Segregationist (VIDEO)

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) on Tuesday spoke on the House Floor in an attempt to cry racism.  This was a bizarre attempt to distract from the recent Senate dress code scandal involving Democrat John Fetterman. 

This is the usual strategy of the Democrats: change the subject to race. As The Gateway Pundit reported, Jamal Bowman’s office recently sent out talking points labeling members of the Republican Party as “Nazis” to defend his criminal act of pulling a fire alarm to obstruct an official proceeding in Congress.

While speaking on the Floor this morning, Green used the “recent kerfuffle,” where Senate Democrats changed the dress code to allow brain-damaged John Fetterman to wear gym clothing in the Senate, to decry the Senate for allowing an office building to be named after segregationist Richard Russell.

However, what Green omitted from his rant against the 46 Senators, who signed a letter demanding that Fetterman honor the institution by dressing like an adult, is that Richard Russell, like most racists in his time, was a Democrat, and the Russell Office Building, formerly known as the Old Senate Office Building, was renamed by a Democrat-controlled Senate.

“In 1972 the Senate named the Old Senate Office Building after Senator Richard Brevard Russell, Jr., a Democrat from Georgia who had served from 1933 until his death in 1971,” according to The 1970 elections left Democrats a majority of 55 to 45 in the 92nd Congress.

“The Richard Russell office building is a symbol of racism,” said Greene, describing Democrat Richard Russell as “a bigot, racist who authored the Southern Manifesto and fought anti-lynching legislation,” much like Russell’s Senate colleague, Joe Biden’s mentor, and KKK leader Senator Robert Byrd.

Ironically, Byrd gave a eulogy a few days after Russell’s death in 1971.   Joe Biden eulogized Robert Byrd, the KKK recruiter and Kleagle, at his funeral in 2010.

More recently, Joe Biden gave Byrd a shoutout on CNN, and tried to pawn him off as a Republican.

Where is the outrage from woke Democrats with their party’s racist past and present? Why are they lying? Joe Biden is a walking stumbling symbol of racism. The Democratic Party, the party of the KKK and segregation, is a symbol of racism.

Watch Congressman Green’s ridiculous and ironic remarks below:

Green: Still, I rise, Madam Speaker, a proud, liberated Democrat in the spirit of Shirley Chisholm, unbought, unbossed, and unafraid, unafraid to say that the Senate of the United States of America cares more about what they wear to work than the building they work in. There was a recent kerfuffle about the dress code in the Senate. As a result, some 40 senators, in fact, about 46, signed a letter addressing this newly installed dress code. I won’t read it in its entirety because time doesn’t permit. But here’s what it says in one paragraph. Allowing casual clothing on the Senate floor disrespects the institution, disrespects the institution we serve, and the American families we represent. No disrespect, Senators, but I believe allowing Richard Russell’s name to stay on the Senate Russell office building disrespects the people you serve and disrespects this country. The Richard Russell office building is a symbol of racism. It is a symbol of disrespect for the American people, and it certainly disrespects people of African ancestry because Richard Russell was a racist bigot. Richard Russell was a co-author of the Southern Manifesto, Richard Russell fought anti-lynching legislation. Richard Russell’s name should not be on a building paid for with taxpayer dollars. It’s time for you to take the same amount of time that you took to reform your dress code, and reform the name that’s on the Richard Russell office building. It’s easy to do; just let it revert back to the name that it had before it became the Russell Senate Office Building. Let it become the Old Senate Office Building. And if you need more time, take ad infinitum and decide the name that you most prefer. I have no name to recommend. I only recommend that you take Russell’s name off. It took less than two weeks to revert back to the old dress code. It’s been more than 50 years that Richard Russell’s name has been on this building. Have you no shame Senators? Do you not respect the people of African ancestry who go in and out of this building? I refuse to enter the Richard Russell office building. I am a one-person protest. I refuse to disrespect myself by entering a building named after a bigot, racist who authored the Southern Manifesto and fought anti-lynching legislation.

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