Long-Term Storage Steaks Go on Deep Discount for Presidents Day Weekend Only

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It’s no longer a secret that the beef industry is under attack on multiple fronts. Americans are rightly concerned about inflation and they’re starting to realize that skyrocketing prices are hitting meats the hardest. Cattle shortages, inexplicable deaths of entire herds, and the incessant drum beat from climate change cultists all threaten to turn beef into a premium product that only the elites will be able to easily access.

Many Americans are quickly becoming “preppers” across the spectrum. Some are preparing for a near-future doomsday, moving out of cities and getting off the grid. Others are stocking up a little extra shelf-stable foods, just in case. Both groups and everyone in between are in dire need of high-quality proteins which are very hard to find in standard survival foods. “Beef crumbles” just won’t cut it because of diminished nutrition and minimal flavor.

Prepper All-Naturals has heard from their customers and answered the call for occasional Deep Discount specials to allow a window when Americans can stock up extra bags of sous vide freeze-dried steaks. To that end, they are celebrating Presidents Day weekend with a 20% discount through promo code “president20” and they want customers to spread the word.

“Patriotic Americans enjoying a three-day weekend may be visiting with friends and relatives,” said Jason Nelson, co-founder of Prepper All-Naturals. “It’ll be a great time to talk about the existential threats our nation faces and to point people in a direction where they can secure their food independence.”

Their Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and “Original Steak” have a 25-year shelf life. They have one ingredient: beef. And as an America First company, Prepper All-Naturals only slaughters cattle that is born and raised on Texas pastures.

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Take advantage of this limited-time deep discount with promo code “president20” at Prepper All-Naturals.

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