Los Angeles Times Makes Major Cuts to Newsroom as Advertising Slumps

CNN is not the only media outlet that’s going through tough changes right now.

The liberal Los Angeles Times newspaper is making major cuts to their newsroom staff as the paper struggles with slumping advertising revenue.

Trust of the media is down pretty much everywhere, and for good reasons. This is just what happens when people no longer read your paper.

The Associated Press reports:

The Los Angeles Times is cutting 74 jobs and 13% of newsroom positions as a top editor says they must do more to become a ‘self-sustaining enterprise’

The Los Angeles Times on Wednesday announced plans to cut 74 jobs due to economic challenges as the newspaper strives to transform itself into a digital media organization.

In a message to staff, Times Executive Editor Kevin Merida wrote that employees whose positions are eliminated from the Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper were being notified and that a staff meeting was scheduled for Monday to answer questions.

“We have done a vast amount of work as a company to meet the budget and revenue challenges head on. But that work will need acceleration and we will need more radical transformation in the newsroom for us to become a self-sustaining enterprise,” Merida wrote.

The cuts will eliminate about 13% of newsroom positions and affect full-time and temporary workers including editors, audio producers and managers, the Times reported. The cuts follow a series of layoffs at news organizations including the Washington Post and NPR.

What a shame. Oh well…

How could anyone be surprised by this news?

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