Man with a Shotgun Learns He’s Not in Chicago Anymore

Well, this clearly didn’t go as planned. It appears that this Chicago native thinks every state disarms innocent civilians and empowers criminals. Not to mention, has soft on crime policies. However, it didn’t take long for the man to learn that you can’t just walk into a Florida convenience store with a shotgun. You’re not in Chicago anymore, Toto.

Chicago Man with a Shotgun in a Florida Store Learns About Armed Civilians

At approximately 10:25 PM, the man entered the store carrying a shotgun, attempting to conceal it with his body. The suspect slowly and nonchalantly walked back and forth in front of the counter, apparently waiting for a clerk. However, the clerk had a surprise of his own.

It seems the employee watched the suspect arm himself before entering the store and went into the back to get his personal firearm. Of course, when the clerk returned with his gun, things changed. Most likely, because the suspect learned that he was no longer in Chicago and people in Florida are armed.

It was at this point that a conversation ensued between the two:

“I see you, bro. I don’t mean no harm; I’m just not from around here,” the suspect states.

Not shaken, the clerk asks, “What do you got in your hand, bro?”

“I got a big a** Motherf**king gun,” the suspect replies, showing his shotgun. He continued, “But I’m not from around here, is what I’m saying. I’m from Chicago, bro, and I don’t know [undecipherable] outside.”

I’m not sure if he was trying to make the case that he is carrying it for protection because he’s scared or what. It was at this point that he asked the clerk what he had, and the clerk notified him it was a .45 and then told him to leave.

According to a Facebook release from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, “Words seem to fail you when your felony attempt is thwarted by lawful and righteous force.”

Fortunately, all’s well that ends well, and the suspect sulked away, not a penny richer.

Chalk up another win for a good guy with a gun.

Unfortunately for the suspect, though, this was not over.

You’re Not in Chicago Anymore; You’re Under Arrest

Along with the hard lesson that the people of Florida are armed, the suspect also learned that Florida is not soft on crime.

The Facebook post from the County Sheriff goes on to say the suspect “was located and arrested on 9/15/22 in Santa Rosa County. He was charged with openly carrying a prohibited weapon and attempted robbery with a firearm. The Benelli shotgun used in this robbery attempt was also recovered.”

The Sheriff also had a final thought for the suspect, “You’re not in Chicago anymore; you’re under arrest.”

Fortunately for this clerk, this wasn’t Chicago, where he would be unarmed, and the suspect would face little consequence. Or this might have gone a whole different way.

Lesson learned: guns save lives on a regular basis, and not every incident requires shots fired to do so.

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