Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Eight Republicans for Joining Democrats in Killing Her Articles of Impeachment Against Mayorkas (VIDEO)

In a recent development, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene expressed strong criticism towards eight Republican colleagues for siding with Democrats in the House of Representatives.

This contentious moment arose during the vote on Greene’s resolution to impeach Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas.

The resolution was ultimately diverted from a direct vote to the Homeland Security Committee, effectively stalling the impeachment process.

This move, proposed by Minority Whip Katherine Clark, was supported by eight Republicans, prompting fierce criticism from Rep. Greene.

Among the Republicans who voted with the Democrats were:

  • Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO)
  • Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA)
  • Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA)
  • Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC)
  • Rep. John Duarte (R-CA)
  • Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC)
  • Rep. Cliff Bentz (R-OR)
  • Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH)

In the aftermath of the vote, Congresswoman Greene lashed out in a vehement response, expressing disbelief at her colleagues’ decision to redirect the impeachment process back to committee, a move which will result in the death of the resolution.

She argued that the actions of her fellow Republicans undermine the party’s position on the border crisis and weaken the congressional responsibility to hold government officials accountable.

During her impassioned remarks, Greene highlighted the impact of immigration policy on American citizens and the inaction within the ranks of her own party to challenge Secretary Mayorkas forcefully.

We all know the facts. We know the numbers, and we know how bad the invasion is at the border. Every single day, I serve on the Homeland Committee, and we’ve done hearing after hearing after hearing. As we have reported and talked to eyewitnesses and interviewed people, we have found out how bad it is at the border. And yet, we can’t get Republicans to impeach Secretary Mayorkas. This is outrageous.

The congresswoman specifically called out some of her colleagues, including Ken Buck, who was voting out of spite due to his impending retirement, and John Duarte for his stance against border security measures. She also expressed confusion over the actions of Virginia Foxx, the chair of the Education and Workforce Committee, and Mike Turner, the chair of the Intelligence Committee, for not recognizing the dangers at the southern border.

Greene slams the California members of the GOP party. She questioned the motives behind their actions, especially given the prominence of border issues in their state.

We have four of these Republicans serve on the Judiciary Committee. Now, the Judiciary Committee is where my Articles of Impeachment on Secretary Mayorkas have been sitting and collecting dust for months and months and months now without movement. And so there’s four of these eight that voted to send it back to the Judiciary Committee, where it will once again collect dust and have no movement to impeach Secretary Mayorkas.

This is unbelievable, because everyone all over America knows how bad this guy is, and that he is willfully breaking our laws and allowing the invasion to happen. Over 300 Americans are dying every single day, and two of my constituents were killed last week by a human smuggler trafficking illegal aliens in Texas. This this cannot continue. Several of these, as a matter of fact, three of the eight Republicans are from the state of California that gets invaded every single day. But how do they vote against the impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas? I can’t understand it.

Addressing the public through a video statement, Greene’s fiery rhetoric underscored her sense of betrayal by those in her party, urging supporters to demand action from their representatives. She called the day’s proceedings as a disservice to constituents and chastised the lawmakers who contributed to the outcome.

I don’t know how we ever win, guys. If we can’t get Republicans to stick together and hold people accountable and impeach someone that needs to be impeached.

Mayorkas has expected this coming for so long now. He hired an attorney a long time ago. I guess he’s wasted his money with his attorney because we can’t even vote to move it to be debated on the House floor to hold a vote. So the final total tonight was 209 Democrats to 201.

Republicans supposedly hold the majority here in Congress. That’s something you wouldn’t necessarily know, because we sure don’t act like it. We sure do enable Joe Biden. We enable Mayorkas. We enable an open border. We enable an illegal invasion that’s murdering Americans every single day. But we can’t even move for a vote to impeach Secretary Mayorkas. This should be very frustrating to many people.

It’s frustrating to everyone I talk to and this type of lack of will, lack of courage, lack of I don’t even know what. They’re lacking a lot to actually hold Secretary Mayorkas accountable and impeach him is shameful. It’s absolutely shameful.

We finally have control in the House and we cannot move to impeach him. I think you guys know exactly what to do about this. And I’m sure you’re just as upset as I am. And I’m sure you’re just as outraged at why anybody, any Republican, would vote with the Democrats to refer Articles of Impeachment back to committee, where they go to die, and nothing happens to them.

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