Maryland: Female UPS Driver Carjacked at Gunpoint In Broad Daylight (VIDEO)

A doorbell camera in Glenarden, Maryland caught a carjacking of a UPS driver on her delivery route last Sunday.

Prince George County police responded about 2 pm in the newly developed neighborhood of Westridge Westphalia.

The news report said the UPS employee was surrounded by several suspects, but the footage shows the vehicle take off while she made a call to report the truck was taken at gunpoint.

Fox 5 Reported:

GLENARDEN, Md. – An armed carjacking of a UPS truck in Prince George’s County was caught on a doorbell camera.

A UPS driver was out delivering packages Sunday when several suspects surrounded her, and took off with her truck in broad daylight.

Prince George’s County police say detectives responded to the 9000 block of Elk Avenue in Glenarden around 2 p.m.


The person who had the footage thought he heard a couple arguing outside before he realized it turned out to be a carjacking.

The driver was unharmed and there have not been any arrests at this time. The truck was found nearby and was abandoned by the carjacker. It was eventually towed away according to the neighbor.

Unfortunately, carjackings are an often too common crime. Lawlessness has run rampant especially because of leftist politicians. The Gateway Pundit had reported in September of a man who was carjacked in his own garage and was physically attacked.

In September, a Norwalk, Connecticut man was followed home by two masked men who carjacked him in his own garage. The masked men stole his Aston Martin after forcing him out of the car. The victim shouted, “Stella, call the police now!”

The carjackers punched and shoved the victim before taking off with two stolen vehicles.


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