Matt Gaetz on Jack Smith Witch Hunt: “It’s Obviously Weaponization of our Justice System – Joe Biden Has Had Classified Documents at His Place Since 1974” (VIDEO)

Back in February Joe Biden told leftist Judy Woodruff from PBS that he illegally been holding onto a classifed document from 1974!

The Biden DOJ is currently investigating President Trump for holding classified documents when he left office as President.  The US President has the ability to declassify any documents he wants as leader of the executive branch of government.  This is clearly the law in the US.

Senators and Vice Presidents do not have this privilege.

So Joe Biden admitted to breaking the law since 1974.  Where’s the Special Counsel?

Obviously, that did not make any headlines in the legacy media.

On Wednesday Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) joined Carl Higbie to discuss the continued deep state assault on President Trump. Carl asked Rep. Gaetz what he thought about the Jack Smith witch hunt.

Matt Gaetz: It is obviously a weaponization of our justice system. And, I mean, it’s so obvious. Look at all these other presidents who had stuff in their house. Joe Biden has had classified documents at his place since 1974. And as Donald Trump is engaged in a dispute with the archivist. They’re going to turn us into a third world country over that. Does anyone even take this stuff at face value? The only reason they’re coming after Trump is because he is winning and because he is running again, and he is seeking to deliver us back to the great successes that this country deserves.

Via Newsmax.

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