Mazi Smith’s unpaid storage locker got auctioned off and it was full of THOUSANDS of dollars in stuff

A man who thought he was simply buying an old storage unit go so much more than he bargained for when he cracked it open, started digging through, and found out it belonged to Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Mazi Smith.

The TikToker who posted this tried to hide the player’s identity, but wasn’t very good at it by saying “he was drafted in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft,” and after clearly identifying that he played for Michigan it means Mazi Smith is the only dude who it could have belonged to.

It was packed full of player-exclusive Jordan cleats, Michigan apparel, a mammoth collection of Lego, as well as a 2022 Michigan playbook — which could have been disastrous had Jim Harbaugh not returned to the NFL. Sure, verbiage and plays change a lot from year-to-year, but a complete playbook in an opponent’s hands would have given incredible insight into the team’s defensive design.

As for how this unit managed to be up for auction, I get it. Having a storage unit seems like a good idea until you get a storage unit. On the one hand it’s a secure place to keep junk you don’t want to have in your house, and on the other it becomes like a dependent. The facility ends up getting sold randomly, your rates go through the roof, your auto-pay bounces back because there’s a new billing system and then you get warnings to some old email address you never use anymore telling you that your stuff is being sold for lack of payment.

Not that I’ve had any experience with that, or anything.

It’s my hopes that the things of true sentimental value find their way back to Smith. Sure, make some money off the unworn cleats — but at least reach out to the guy and make sure nothing is irreplaceable in there.

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