Meet Escort’s New BullTac Bullpup Pump-Action Shotgun

Joining the ranks among a few other notable names within the bullpup shotgun scene is the new Escort BullTac pump-action bullpup shotgun. The new shotgun is capable of running up to 3″ shells, sports a standard length 18″ barrel, and an overall length of just 27.75 inches. Other features include a fixed cylinder choke, oxidation-resistant chrome-plated steel barrel, and a completely detachable carry handle.

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Meet Escort's New BullTac Bullpup Pump-Action Shotgun

Meet Escort’s New BullTac Bullpup Pump-Action Shotgun

ESCORT Shotguns, a leading manufacturer of high-quality firearms and accessories, proudly introduces the Escort BullTac, a meticulously engineered bullpup pump-action shotgun designed to meet the rigorous demands of sporting, security, and law enforcement applications. The Escort BullTac is poised to set a new standard in tactical shotguns.

The Escort BullTac, chambered in the formidable 12 gauge, offers compatibility with 2 3/4″ and 3″ shells, providing uncompromising stopping power when it matters most. Its 18″ barrel, optimized for shot or slugs, is crafted from oxidation-resistant chrome-plated steel and features a fixed cylinder choke. Every barrel undergoes stringent proof-testing at the factory to ensure unparalleled reliability, even in the most demanding conditions.

Created for adaptability, the BullTac combines a durable upper alloy receiver with a lightweight yet robust synthetic lower receiver. This combination provides a balanced feel and delivers an ergonomic grip, facilitating swift maneuvering in tactical situations. The shotgun’s shell deflector directs spent shells downward, minimizing distractions during intense operations.

Built to perform in all weather conditions, the BullTac features an all-weather pistol grip and bullpup synthetic stock, ensuring a secure hold and enhanced control in adverse environments. Its 5+1 capacity offers ample firepower to handle critical situations effectively.

The Escort BullTac is further enhanced with thoughtful accessories. It comes equipped with side accessory rails on the carry handle, allowing for quick attachment of essential gear. A removable Picatinny optics rail enables seamless customization for different sight options. At the same time, the detachable carry handle features an adjustable rear sight and a built-in fixed front sight for rapid target acquisition.

Smooth handling is paramount, and the shotgun includes a quick disconnect sling mount, ensuring effortless transitions and tactical readiness on the move. The tough matte black finish adds a sleek touch and enhances the shotgun’s resilience against wear and tear.

At 27.75″ in overall length and weighing 7 lbs, the Escort BullTac strikes the perfect balance between compactness and power, making it a versatile choice for hunters and security and law enforcement professionals alike. Safety remains crucial, and the BullTac is equipped with a manual cross-button safety, offering peace of mind during high-stress situations.

Meet Escort's New BullTac Bullpup Pump-Action Shotgun

The Escort BullTac pump-action shotgun will come standard with an 18″ barrel suitable for shot or slugs and is being sold for a suggested MSRP of $249.99. This is one of those shotguns that I’d love to see James Reeves attempt to burn down to see just how long it lasts.

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Meet Escort's New BullTac Bullpup Pump-Action Shotgun

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