Megan Rapinoe Demands Trans Athletes Be Allowed to Compete Against Women – Remember When Her Team Faced Teenage Boys?

Former soccer star Megan Rapinoe appears to not have learned her lesson whatsoever, advocating for transgender athletes to compete in women’s sporting events even though she lost to a team of teenage boys a few years ago.

On Tuesday, Rapinoe signed a letter along with numerous other athletes that called for the NCAA to ensure men claiming to be women would be able to compete against women.

“We, the undersigned, call upon the NCAA, a governing body meant to serve athletes and our wellbeing, to ensure that the lifesaving power of sport is accessible to all athletes who compete in championship and emerging sports at and for NCAA-member institutions – including transgender athletes,” the letter’s opening paragraph reads.

It goes on to say banning men from women’s sports would “severely [limit] the capacity of your member institutions to protect and support their athletes.”

The letter largely relies on emotional appeal while making broad, bogus claims such as that “studies used to justify the exclusion of transgender athletes are methodologically flawed and misinterpreted to further discrimination.”

“We call on you to be on the right side of history and affirm that sport is truly for us all. Do not ban transgender women from NCAA women’s sports,” the letter concludes.

Taking part in such an act is nothing new for Rapinoe, a lesbian LGBT activist who has generated headlines with her left-wing political posturing.

In March, she called out Christian U.S. soccer player Korbin Albert for sharing social media posts that said homosexuality and “feeling transgender” were immoral.

But as always, while Rapinoe and her fellow leftists wish to create a world where everyone is equal and nothing is set in stone, the reality is far from that.

In 2017, while she was still on the U.S. Women’s National Team, they faced the FC Dallas under-15 boys team to prepare for a friendly match against Russia, as CBS Sports reported at the time.

They lost.

While it was far from a shutout, losing 5-2 to a team of boys who can’t even drive a car yet shows just how big of a difference sex plays in physical ability.

Imagine the score if these boys were men. That’s a reality that could come about as more and more male athletes claiming to be women are allowed into women’s sports.

It will only ruin the ability of women to compete.

It’s shameful that as Rapinoe leaves the sport, she advocates for changes that will make it harder for other women to succeed.

As swimmer and women’s sports activist Riley Gaines wrote on X, “Megan Rapinoe, in typical virtue-signaling fashion, is pulling up the ladder behind her.”

“No one would know who Megan Rapinoe is [if] it weren’t for women’s sports lol,” she said.

Perhaps more women in sports — and the organizations that govern them — should reject Rapinoe and her woke nonsense.

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