Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer Funded CCP Battery Plant in Big Rapids for More Than $700 Million in Taxpayer Funds

Elections have consequences.  Stolen elections have dire consequences.

Michigan’s state legislature, for the first time in over 21 years, is comprised of a democrat majority in all three branches of government.  The democrats control the Secretary of State’s office as well as the Attorney General’s, despite AG Dana Nessel being booed off stage at an arts and music festival in a heavily democrat Biden +12 district.

These communist sympathizers do not care about optics, polls, or even elections.  They control the entire system and if you dare question it, they will be sure to sic their law enforcement authorities on you.

Now, the Democrat controlled state is openly showing their allegiance to the Chinese communists and utter disdain for American innovation.  Earlier this month, the Democrat legislature passed a bill that would fund an electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Big Rapids, MI owned by Chinese subsidiary, Gotion, Inc., based in Fremont, CA.

The Speaker Pro-Tempore Rep. Laurie Pohutsky suspended Rule 42, which would have required the bill to be held for one day, despite a voice vote that clearly was in favor of the “nays.” In the video below posted by William Bailey who famously sued Antrim Co. and obtained forensic images of the Dominion Voting machines only to have his case abruptly dismissed just as they were to obtain internet router information in discovery, you can hear several lawmakers offer amendments to ensure taxpayer money is not used to fund CCP subsidiaries.

Last night, former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon joined Tucker Carlson to discuss this:

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