Michigan’s sign stealing could lead to Ohio getting legal weed on Election Day

It’s election day in several states across the country, but only Ohio has turned the Michigan sign-stealing scandal into fuel for a ballot measure for legalized marijuana

Ohioans are voting on Issue 2 on Tuesday, which would regulate recreational marijuana the same way alcohol is managed in the Buckeye state. This ad from “The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” is essentially saying that buying weed in Michigan is tantamount to robbing the state of Ohio, and dammit those funds might go directly to helping the Wolverines!

So when the dust settles perhaps Jim Harbaugh can be thanked for making it legal to blaze it in Columbus, who knows? Maybe this whole sign-stealing scandal might have a happy ending.

It will take a while to tally the votes, but we should know by later tonight or tomorrow morning whether or not this advertising technique worked. It’s definitely one of the most creative uses we’ve seen for pro-marijuana advertising.

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