Miss Israel Goes Viral After Video Exposing Atrocities by Hamas

Miss Israel 2021 called out Hamas for its atrocities and defended her country from accusations it has oppressed Palestinians in a video that is going viral on social media.

Noa Cochva took to her Instagram page earlier this week to make a call for international support following nearly four weeks into its war against Islamic terrorism.

“Hi, I’m Noa Cochva. I am Miss Israel. Everybody knows a beauty queen’s goal in life is to achieve world peace,” Cochva said in the video while wearing a black dress.

But the video quickly cut to her in her Israeli Defense Forces uniform.

“Let me tell you how this goal became my reality,” she said while holding a military rifle.

She then spoke about the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks that left 1,400 Israelis dead and thousands of others either wounded or kidnapped.

“Their so-called freedom fighters beheaded babies, raped young girls, kidnapped elderlies, burned entire families in their homes,” Cochva told her followers. “They killed anyone they saw, anyone, and our kibbutzim were burned to the ground.”

Cochva said that while the world might be aware of the suffering that goes on in Gaza, Hamas is to be blamed — and not Israel.

“The people of Gaza live under an oppressive organization,” she said, before she asked, “Do you think the money that you donate to help the citizens of Gaza?”

She detailed that Hamas uses international aid funds for its own goals, which are to kill Israeli civilians while using its own people as human shields.

“They could have been taking care of their own civilians,” Cochva said, but Hamas uses international humanitarian funds for rockets, and not schools or to feed Palestinian people.

“It’s not free Palestine, it’s free Palestine from Hamas. Hamas is ISIS,” the beauty queen concluded.

Cochva previously shared her family’s story while competing for the Miss Universe crown in December 2021.

“Both of my grandparents were at the Holocaust,” Cochva said in a video that was recorded as part of the pageant. “My grandmother from my father’s side was at Auschwitz and she came with her two sisters and they were together for all of the way.”

Cochva said her grandmother and her great-aunts were each told they would survive if they worked in a labor camp.

They each survived.

“I am their voice now,” Cochva said of her family.

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