Mitt and Ann Romney dressed like Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift for Halloween. Send help

Halloween 2023 was destined to be littered with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift costumes by the least-creative couple you know who wants to be cute without realizing they picked something so tired.

So here’s Mitt and Ann Romney dressed like Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

This is how someone holds a football when they’ve never held a football in their life before. It’s similar to the grip a confused person has when they’re asked to handle a baby for the first time. Not only that, but why is Romney going for logo out like he’s displaying this ball for sale on QVC? Did he think we wouldn’t know what this object was unless he made it abundantly clear it’s an NFL ball?

Ann went for a variant of the Taylor Swift cheerleader outfit from the “Shake it Off” music video. She absolutely asked someone to make this for her. It’s totally a home job, which I kind of respect. At least it took more effort than Mitt’s “straight outta Academy Sports” job.

Anyway, Happy Halloween. May this be one of the scariest things you see today.

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