More Lies… Joe Biden: “MAGA Republicans are Calling for Defunding the Police Departments”

Joe Biden took another swipe at MAGA Republicans on Thursday. Biden and Democrats are fearful of Americans who want to make the country great again for some reason. They hate it.

Joe Biden:  MAGA Republicans are calling for defunding the police departments.”

Thank goodness they have a media that will ignore this obvious lie.

Of course, this complete nonsense.

The soaring crime rates and violence in Democrat-run cities is a direct result of Democrat policies. It didn’t help that the official party line was to defund the police. Several Democrats called to defund police in the last few years including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Here’s a montage of DOZENS of Democrats calling to Defund the Police.

Will the mainstream media speak out against this?
Or will they continue to play defense for the regime.
We all know the answer to that.

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