MORE WOKE MADNESS: NPR Has a Trigger Warning on the Declaration of Independence

National Public Radio has been in the news quite a bit lately. A longtime employee blew the whistle on how the organization went fully left-wing activist after Trump won in 2016. For that, he was suspended and then quit.

Then their newest CEO was exposed as a liberal wingnut, as if we couldn’t have guessed that.

Now Trump and others are calling for them to be defunded and that’s a good thing because their lunacy keeps being shown to be worse than anyone even knew.

A twitter user with a good eye was recently looking at their archives and realized that they have placed a ‘trigger warning’ on the Declaration of Independence. Yes, really.

NewsBusters reports:

Hopelessly Woke NPR Places Trigger Warning on Declaration of Independence

The hopeless wokeness of tax-funded National Public Radio has been confirmed by NPR senior business editor Uri Berliner, who started shockwaves with his Free Press essay “I’ve Been at NPR for 25 Years. Here’s How We Lost America’s Trust” providing chapter and verse of how NPR had been take over fully by the left, and as a result blowing several major stories like Russiagate, the Hunter Biden laptop, and dismissing the coronavirus lab leak theory. For his whistleblowing efforts, the veteran journalist Berliner was suspended from NPR for five days before resigning…

One example of anti-American wokeness is the “editor’s note” NPR staff felt obliged to place on archived stories about its on-air reading every Independence Day of the Declaration of Independence in full, an honorable tradition apparently now consigned to the ash-heap of history.

Yes, one of America’s founding documents now requires a trigger warning, in the view of partially government funded radio (hat tip: Masks are bad, actually on X):

Editor’s note on July 8, 2022: This story quotes the U.S. Declaration of Independence — a document that contains offensive language about Native Americans, including a racial slur.

If NPR has a problem with America’s founding documents, they should not be benefiting from American tax dollars.

It’s really that simple.

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