Multicolor Resin Prints: Give it a Shot

[Thomas TEMPE] has been making two-color resin prints. While printing in multiple colors is old hat for FDM printers, the way resin printers work makes it a more difficult proposition. [Thomas] has a simple solution. First, he prints an item with a cavity where he would like the second color. Then, after printing, he fills the cavity with a different color resin using a syringe and cures it. Simple, really.

Of course, it is all about technique. For fine lines, you’ll want a smaller needle, and you flood the area with the alternate resin and wipe away the excess. For wider lines, you simply fill the cavity from a larger syringe.

Thomas uses this to produce high-contrast text. However, it occurs to us you could do anything that was embossed into the original print. It doesn’t have to be text. There’s also no reason you have to use only one color of fill resin.

We’ve seen resin used to smooth FDM prints. We wonder if you could print the base using FDM and use this technique to add colorful resin highlights. If you try it, drop us a note.

This would be great for custom keycaps. We’ve seen keycaps printed with an air-dry clay inlay.

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