MUST SEE: President Trump Pauses and Goes Silent – Gets Emotional in South Dakota While Talking About America’s Great Decline (VIDEO)

President Trump went silent tonight in South Dakota. The popular 45th President who landed the most votes in history for any sitting president, paused during his speech and was visibly emotional.

President Trump then continued and finished his speech in front of another massive audience of supporters.

America loves Trump. And Trump loves America.

It truly must break this man’s heart to see how fast the Democrats ruined this nation.  From mass inflation and mass suffering, the nation today is at its weakest point in modern history.  This is just what the Democrat party wanted.  This was never an accident.

Despite the pressures of the world weighing him down, President Trump showed no sign of defeat or fatigue.

Despite the unrelenting attacks by the wicked, Trump remains unfazed and on mission.

Via Post Millennial.

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