MUST SEE VIDEO: FIVE ALARM ALERT! TGP Founder Jim Hoft Discusses Massive Election Fraud Coverup with Esteemed Author and Journalist Naomi Wolf

Recently, The Gateway Pundit broke an explosive story revealing how a shadowy non-governmental organization tampered with thousands of vote registrations in Michigan.

Did law enforcement drop this finding down the memory hole?

American feminist, author, journalist, and researcher Naomi Wolf discussed this recent discovery with The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft.

This was an exceptional interview if you want to catch up on what The Gateway Pundit has exposed in Michigan and beyond.

Naomi Wolf broke it down this way, “The reason I want to talk to Mr. Hoft specifically today is an unbelievable story you’ve broken that should be national and international news about voter corruption and an investigation in Michigan.”

Please take the time to listen in on this important topic that is being ignored by the mainstream media.

Author’s note: Naomi could not have been more charming and authentically interested in this very important subject. Naomi truly is an American treasure.

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