NC State’s halftime corgi races devolved into chaotic, floofy madness

In the world of halftime entertainment NC State certainly had an idea on how to keep the crowd engaged at the break: Corgi racing. The execution, well, that’s where it fell a little flat. Fans were fully engaged for the corgi race on Tuesday night, and it went precisely as well as you’d imagine a race of corgis to go.

You can tell a corgi to run in a straight line, but that doesn’t mean the corgi will listen to anything you have to offer. This kicked off with none of the dogs running … at all. They were just like “nah, that seems like too much works. We’re corgis.” Then finally when one decided to go and the rest followed the meandered around the court in a such a confusing way that it’s unclear which dog even won the race untill you watch this three times over.

At least when the dust settled the corgi race, as shambolic as it was, still managed to be more entertaining than the Wolfpack on the court. NC State lost 87-83 to Syracuse, falling to 16-10 on the season.

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